Core Business

ODA services is an ICT company specialized in Operations, Data Warehousing and Analytics.

Operations are the fertilizers to feed any decision making systems. Transactions that support business purposes can be collected and gathered to build the foundation of the company data. These collections are therefore a kernel for understanding the business trends, but also contribute to detect new opportunities and guide the future strategic direction. ODA Services is able to help you to analyze and set up the right processes that will ensure the data provisioning of your warehouse environment. We developed expertises in ETL -Enrichment, Transformation and Load – workflows, leading information from several datasources systems to the storage platform.

The data warehouse is the heart of the reporting platform. It stores and transforms data into information. It keeps an historic of your business. It consolidates the views of the company activities and guarantees the integrity and quality of the information that will be shared across collaborators, suppliers, stakeholders and regulatory autorities. ODA Services is active in data modeling and BI architecture designs. We follow gurrus approaches -Kimball and Inmon - and keep aligned on technological trends and modern BI architectures, such as In Memory Computing, Big Data, Mobile components and Cloud environments.

Business Intelligence is the art of highlighting and discovering how business behaves over time. It supports any decision takers in his day to day activities, and translates how a company should move and react to its environment. Business Intelligence drives changes.

ODA Services has a wide experience in defining key performance indicators, designing high quality reports and dashboards for strategic and operational purposes. We lead the end-to-end delivery from the scope, analysis, and setup of your reporting environment. We contribute actively on orchestrating cockpits of information, and facilitate how different BI interfaces and technologies can dialog, exchange information, and complement each other for standard enterprise reporting, analysis and exploration, dashboarding and predictive analysis. We are active in presales activities and presentations, and provide guidance for the selection of a technology.